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Prepping Your Windows for an Iowa Winter

Every winter seems to bring a bit more brisk to the air than the year before, especially here in the Des Moines, Iowa area. Even if the sun is out and shining, there's still a chill in the air that makes you want to cuddle up in several blankets until you can feel all your fingertips and toes again! Especially here in Iowa, where the cold is no stranger during winter. Even in a heated home, there are still ways for the cold to creep in and make it slightly uncomfortable throughout the day (and night, especially). Your windows have a lot to do with the temperatures inside your home! There are several ways to prep your windows for the winter season in Iowa to keep your home comfortable and not too cold.

  1. Don't wait until spring for some deep cleaning! Cleaning your windows is probably the first thing you want to do before it starts to get snowy outside. Getting into some elbow grease and cleaning the window panes will allow you to have a much better view of what you're working with this winter. Get a close inspection of any cracks, holes, or other deterioration before the cold starts to settle in
  2. Check window frames for gaps and cracks as well! The windowpane itself isn't the only thing you need to inspect beforehand. The area around the window can be faulty, letting in just enough cold air to drop the temperature several degrees indoors in a matter of minutes. This should be fixed by a professional as soon as possible. Trying to fill the gaps with a foam or caulking gun if you don't know what you're doing could lead to a bigger mess than what you started with.
  3. Frosty or sweating windows is a good thing! If you notice your windows are fogged continuously or condensation is present, don't panic! This isn't a sign of a leak or crack in your window unit, but rather a sign that your windows are doing what they should. That frost or condensation shows that the temperature is remaining the same on the inside as it drops outside.
  4. Invest in good curtains. Winter is an excellent time to bust out those big, heavy curtains that look like too much during the rest of the year. If it's a dim, snow day where there's barely any light outside thanks to the clouds, go ahead and close your curtains and let the warmth of inside envelope the entire house. Thick curtains provide an extra block behind the window panes and frames to keep any cold air from coming in and keeps the heat inside where it belongs.
  5. If the sun is shining, open the curtains! Contrary to the last tip, if it's winter but the shine is shining, and you can see patches of snow starting to wither away, enjoy those brief moments of natural warmth! Let the sun soak through the window and join the heat of indoors and enjoy a comfortable winter afternoon before the sunsets.

However, you decide to prep your windows for a harsh winter in Iowa; make sure you remember one thing; it happens every single year, so a quick fix can only last for so long. Get your homes' vulnerable spots checked before the first snowflake hits the ground!


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