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Pet Friendly Window Treatments

If you have pets, then you know that sometimes they can make a mess, no matter how well they're trained. It's essential to detail your home appropriately when it comes to living with certain pets. Now, a few fish won't damage anything in your home, but if you have a curious cat who like to attack things that dangle or a big dog that doesn't know their size, it can be a little nerve-wracking when bringing in new stuff for your home. Thankfully with window coverings, there are products available that even the most curious of critters will have a hard time destroying. Here we will go over a few pet-friendly window treatments for your pet-friendly home!

Blinds can become a broken, jumbled up mess if you don't have the right kind for your animals who want to take a peek outside. You'll want to stay away from options like mini-blinds since even the vinyl or aluminum ones can bend easily and break under small amounts of pressure. A house pet can quickly become entangled in these blinds as well, not only destroying the window covering but potentially causing life-threatening injuries to your pets. If blinds are what you want for your windows, the best option is a vertical blind since these can be easily pushed out of the way for any window curious pets. They're best for large windows and sliding glass doors, as they look rather silly for small windows. Careful with real wood blinds as these can become a new chew toy for a playful puppy who's not sure of their house rules just yet. Any blinds can become a chew toy, but vertical blinds aren't as much fun for the pets. It's best to have some chew toys nearby just in case your pet tends to chew. 

Shades and shutters are usually a better option for pet-friendly window treatments, though there are a few downfalls. If you're a cat owner, it's important to note that most shades tend to have dangling cords for easy opening and shutting. These cords can easily be seen as a toy to most cats, and if you own bamboo shades, then it might turn into a cat's scratching post sooner than later. Stick with roller shades, as these can easily be pushed out of the pet's way and gain access to the window without any damage to the shades themselves. Roman shades work similarly and have no cords, but can block any access to the window. So if you're okay with your pets not having any window time, this could be a great choice. The same goes for interior window shutters (which work great on french doors). 

Curtains and long, flowing drapery is a big no-no for a pet-friendly home. Unless you plan on putting these in a room that the pets aren't allowed in, it's not the best idea to have these as window treatments throughout the home. Cats can claw and climb at the fabric until it's in shreds or has a ruined look to it, which is not something anyone wants in their home. If you're looking to housebreak a new pet, it can also be a potty spot that you're not aware of until it's too late. If you insist on having curtains or drapery in your windows, then you may want to consider blocking off the rooms to your pets, trying claw caps for scratching kitties, and investing in a handheld vacuum to make sure you get all the soon-to-be-there animal hair that will attract around the bottoms. 

Use your best judgment when it comes to how you know your pets act and what would work best for your home. Not all pets are alike, and neither are your window treatment needs, so make sure you get what works best and keeps everyone in your home comfortable and enjoying the view!


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Monday, May 25, 2020


What Not To Do When Choosing Window Treatments

What Not To Do When Choosing Window Treatments

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